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I'm a well educated, articulate, genuinely kind person, I believe in treating people with dignity and respect. She can be the sweetest gfe ever but sh

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Hello Big Boys, I'm Ami I am from Korea and living in London, I like to give BB full service to gentlemen that know how to treat a lady.

The times are changing, people today are not in pairs and for all at a young age, but are looking for the perfect person, sometimes it happens really long. If you also do not intend to involve more permanent and you just want to meet some interesting people and spend a nice time you're in the perfect spot. You absolutely need to meet me. I'm Ami and I am here above all to make you pleasure and play with you. I have the same approach to life as yours. We should meet up and have fun!

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A customer review on Ami: 9 out of 10 "I was looking for a modest natural looking lady and she was recommended to me by the agency, perfect choice." by Maddison, written on 2018-05-12.