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You cannot go wrong with Christina as she is a highly professional escort, having skills of satisfying many high profile clients. She is young and enc

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Tall, sexy, truly amazing, Christina is one of the hottest girls in London, she is a real head-turner. Her astonishingly long legs will provide a lot of inches of therapy and her incredibly irresistible shy sexiness will melt you down.

Christina is a beautiful exotic Asian escort who has a great body. She loves high heels if you think it's sexy, she's sure you'll like it. Christina likes sexy shoes and clothes. You can make her a wonderful gift you can buy her underwear, in which it will be for you. You can spend a wonderful time together, you can enjoy a great erotic and spend time with friends. You will have many topics to discuss because Gina has lots of interesting interests. She is waiting for you!

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A customer review on Christina: 7 out of 10 "She was a lovely companion who dresses great and knows her stuff." by Phoebe, written on 2020-02-18.