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Claire is a tiny Asian girl, she only weighs 38Kg, that's super tiny. It's very hard to find tiny Asian Escort girls in London, so you better book her if you're into the tiny girls. You will be able to lift her up with ease while drilling her tiny tight hole. Your penis will even look bigger against this small girl. She adores taking your manhood in her mouth for fire and ice blow-jobs.

When you first meet Louise she is an extremely passionate and elegant busty escort in London you know that you are in for a real treat. Experience your fantasy of a fulfilled by the delectable Louise today.

When Alice wraps her killer legs around your body, or when she slides her body across your entire body you will understand why Alice is a favorite of many clients. With a passion for fun, this classy escort as an abundance of sex appeal. Her skills in the bedroom can only be compared to her undeniable beauty and grace. Alice is a high-class courtesan that delivers exactly what a refined gentleman is looking for.

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A customer review on Group Three: 7 out of 10 "Their company was lovely and we went back to my hotel after dinner for what I can only describe as dream end to a great date." by Sara, written on 2019-07-06.