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Long hair, dark eyes and a figure like an hourglass, Soniya looks like a goddess that is how please men the best way possible, she has those natural c

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Soniya is young and fun. She has a cute giggle and speaks good English. Soniya loves to please and we are sure she will provide a very entertaining time.

Her body writhes with pleasure with a gentle touch or kiss to my pert pleasure buttons. Sometimes being softly caressed is just what Soniya craves. Delicate touch makes her feel cherished and feminine. Men who enjoy being a little rough stimulate her just as much but in a much different way. When men are seeking a hot Asian escort in Central London give her a call and let Soniya know they like to be a little rough with my suckable beauties, Soniya becomes pretty excited because her preference is most often being a little wild in bed. She is so anxious to show off her tight little firm Asian body while you become acquainted with her style. She is more than able to call the shots, but also take direction well. Whatever your taste, we will make our time together pleasurable and satisfying.

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A customer review on Soniya: 7 out of 10 "Outstanding service, performance and a great attitude, is very willing to accommodate to your needs." by Sienna, written on 2019-10-15.