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Sora is an unusual young lady. With her high cheekbones and lovely complexion she is super striking to look at, but without clothes on she is even more elegant. Curvy, slim and sexy, she has the feline grace of a leopard, stalking her prey with steely determination, waiting for the ending of the chase to bring both parties together.

Aoi has fair skin and is a very popular choice. Her perfectly proportioned body is amazing to look at, and even nicer to touch. Her willingness to show herself off to her clients hints at her exhibitionist tendencies, and the more you look, the more this lady shows off. Truly one for the voyeur.

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A customer review on Sora and Aoi: 9 out of 10 "These girls were recommended to me and as it turned out they ticked all my boxes." by Layla, written on 2019-05-14.