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We both have a friendly and sensitive nature what makes us stand apart from other duo escort services in London, we can help a customer to spice up th

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Tina is one very classy lady, her body is deliciously sweet, impossibly sexy and very, very loveable. She is not into rushing through an appointment, rather she likes to bring you both to the peak in a slow languid pace, only speeding up when things get very hot and tense.

Kana is a nice cool girl you have when you want a relaxing hour or two with a lovely lady who can sweep away your worries, she is quality, not quantity. Like a good wine, you can sip at her fountain all day, as long as you do it well, and enjoy yourself also.

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A customer review on Tina and Kana: 8 out of 10 "They were naughty and like what they do so teat them well and you will be rewarded. They are simply the best, thanks." by Isaac, written on 2018-02-10.