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Tsubasa watch out because you could get drunk inhaling her womanly scent. Small and petite, she has the most amazingly bubbly personality; waiting to please you, to make your dreams come true. She will entice you with her smile, and then captivate you with her body and totally enslave you with her charms.

Amami has such an appealing smile that is the first thing people notice about her. The next thing they become aware of is her terrific body. Sensual with long legs she is in demand most nights and can take you to new levels of desire, bringing both of you to that point in time when you have reached your fulfillment.

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A customer review on Tsubasa and Amami: 9 out of 10 "Their receptionist was very helpful finding me someone close to me and these girls were really good." by Logan, written on 2019-05-10.