Thought provoking conversation is a key component for an enjoyable time together, but my friendly disposition is what I'm well known for, no matter ho

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Amy is the perfect girlfriend, very well spoken and articulate, she has a gorgeous face and very sexy body. Not to be missed under any circumstance, you will fall in love with her if you're not careful.

In Amy's free time, she likes to enjoy swimming and yoga. Amy truly loves to use her hands in new and unique ways. She honestly loves to please, whether it is a deep muscle massage or a passionate amorous kiss. When Amy is connected to something or someone, she will give it all she has to please you in every sense of the word. She is focused and always moving she does not like being still. Her erotic dances are the perfect example of how she uses all of her body to arouse you. You will enjoy seeing how she moves and sway in front of you as we set the night up right with sensuality, calmness, and desire.

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A customer review on Amy: 8 out of 10 "She is very attractive and the pictures are 100% reflecting how attractive and sensual she is." by Lacey, written on 2019-07-05.