An avid dancer Hanako loves showing off her nimble, impossibly long legs, on the floor. She is nonstop fun and loves to be the life of the party, she'

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New girl in town Hanako cuts a very fine figure and turns heads wherever she goes. Always keeps in great shape so that she can really move her body with finesse and seduction.

Her 5 Foot 6 in shapely form exits a hotel elevator and knocks on your door. When you open it, you are floored by Hanako's appearance. You invite her in as her red and gold satin dress clings tightly to her body. You sit down to enjoy the show as she begins by stretching her leg into the air, forming a split with her ankle nearing her temple. All you can think of is what it would be like to be wrapped in her legs. As she begins to saunter around the room, she lights candles to relax you and transport you to another world. The beat of the music hastens as her hair swings in the air, nearly grazing your chest and lap. As Hanako unzips her dress, it slides down to the floor, revealing her perfect body.

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A customer review on Hanako: 7 out of 10 "Thanks to her my evening was complete I had the prettiest lady in the room by far, highly recommended." by Henry, written on 2019-03-31.