I'm a funny, chatty and smart girl with a very good education. I can speak to about almost any subject, rational and down of earth but loving fun, pol

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This is one Korean woman wishing to bring the wonders of the Orient to your hotel room. She is called Ivy, and my proper name, Suchitra, means beautiful picture painting. She will paint a beautiful picture for you. Imagine a petite 20-year-old girl with toast-colored skin, almond-shaped eyes and gorgeous, shiny black hair. This youthful beauty carries herself like a queen and commands attention wherever she goes. Those around her are captivated by her striking, exotic looks.

This cute Oriental Baby is a very open minded girl, the perfect girlfriend experience with a little more.

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A customer review on Ivy: 10 out of 10 "When you are intimate with her she's a dream!" by Elizabeth, written on 2019-04-30.