I love life, love sex, love food, the gym, the outdoors and the sensation of another person's body pressed tightly against my petite frame and pressin

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Mini is always down to party and enjoys when in the company of an interesting gentleman who appreciates the gentle softness of curvy Chinese Shanghai escort. This petite little body is soft but powerful. She is a total package as you won't find a more playful slice of Heaven or a more eager big-breasted massage in London. You are going to have an amazing time enjoying all her assets as you delight in her willing body. Transporting you to places you haven't been with any other London massage parlor. Mini loves offering up such a great time, men and woman come back for more. I will not leave until you are satisfied because rushing is not her style. Why haven't you called yet? You will not find a more mesmerizing Chinese escort in London than your girl Mini.

Are you prepared to meet this exotic blossom of the Far East? Mini is fully prepared to make your very intimate acquaintance! She was born and raised in Shanghai but now make my home here in The City of London. Mini is considered to be sweetly shy, but inside her, there truly exists a purring Chinese model. And as we all know, these girls do love to play! She has done extensive work in erotic massage and body to body experience, also modeling for sensual massage artwork which has been thrilling, to say the least! She loves to role play and play nurse and have the nursing outfit and all; just request it, and she will bring it along! She has an inept ability to know exactly what it is that a man wants from me at any given time without you even speaking a word. Mini is quite simply a gentleman please by all means. She just expects men to treat her like a lady. That's my biggest request and everything else will fall in line.

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A customer review on Mini: 8 out of 10 "She was a lovely companion who dresses great and knows her stuff." by Isla, written on 2019-06-11.