This high class Filipino was born to entertain and that's what she does best, with style, sophistication and sexiness. If you are after something exot

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Hello, my name is Misa. I am an 18-year-old, five foot four inch, petite Korean dancer. Misa loves to lavish all her attention on new friends and give them a night of sheer pleasure. She may be compact, but she will pack a lot of power, which you will witness as her body writhes and weaves throughout the room. As Misa remove layer after layer, her soft, round breasts, and firm ass are slowly and seductively revealed. She is smooth everywhere, and take excellent care of her body. Misa work's out six days a week, and believe me, it shows! She looks amazing and will feel great. You won't be able to resist her when she shares this meticulous body with you. Is your mind traveling to a naughty place? I hope so! Couples are the most fun when they allow themselves to be a little naughty. London is the place to open up the gates to an unforgettable experience with a tempting Asian beauty!

Misa loves to kiss and be kissed and always shows genuine affection, which she loves to feel and will love to share with you. She offers the total girlfriend experience for first timers and more experienced men. She is easy to talk to and will help you relax very quickly.

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A customer review on Misa: 8 out of 10 "Great looking fit figure, very friendly, polite and easy conversation. Always smiling and wanted everything to please." by Victoria, written on 2019-09-07.