Communicating with her is easy because she speaks fluent english and is very accommodating to your specific needs, provided you have discussed it with

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Poppy is the perfect choice for everyone who likes to have some fire in his life! This Sexy baby will spice you up with her very curvy body and her soft kissing lips. Poppy is a real outgoing and open minded personality who loves to experiment with you alone or with couples.

Poppy is always looking for the next person to entertain, this lovely lady has lots of tricks up her sleeve, something she is proud of. She will take you to the top of the mountain, slowly build up your strength, and then rush you off the pinnacle in a wild and exuberant finale, leaving you breathless.

Poppy is a sassy little minx she is slim, lean and with a little exhibitionist streak, she is your little red corvette. Red is her favorite color and she loves it when you start huffing and puffing, as you get closer to the finish line. If at the end you aren't red in the face she will be disappointed that she hasn't done her job.

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A customer review on Poppy: 7 out of 10 "Overall she is a good choice and is a escort that is going to leave you happy and be naughty for you." by Elizabeth, written on 2019-02-13.